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Time begs attention, those who choose to ignore it may cower in the ground for eons. — Pelgar, Daralon Council

Daralon, The Slumbering Kaer.
The year is 1539TH. 123 years have past since the airship Earthdawn set sail on her maiden voyage of discovery. Kaer Daralon still cowers from the scourge The “Elemental Clock” in the centre of Kaer Daralon, showing when the Scourge has ended, stopped falling some 125 years previously, but not at the level that it should have reached. The ruling council of Daralon waited 75 years before deciding to send forth a party of Adepts to investigate the outside world. To see if Barsiave was once again safe. The party never returned and the Kaer-dwellers assume that the scourge continued. That was 50 years ago. Unrest is rife within the Kaer, and it is again deemed time for a group of brave souls to venture forth in to the unknown.

A time for the Heroes of Daralon begin their legend.