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Arhhh you should always swing your sword true, never have I found the need to let up on an oponent that I meant to kill, it's you or them. Remember that and you might just live through your first encounter. —Onara Stonebones, High Sword, Commander of the Swords of Daralon

"Rules! we got rules round here."
Combat Options and Modifiers

Aggressive Attack
-1 Damage / Strain
+3 Steps Attack and Damage
-3 Physical Defence

Attacking to Knockdown
Attack Test
Damage (-Armour) = Knockdown Difficulty

Attacking to Stun
All damage is non lethal
Add Willpower Step to Recovery Test step to regain stun damage

Called Shot
-3 Step Penalty

Defensive Stance
+3 Physical Defence
-3 All other Steps

Giving Ground
Only unarmed or Melee Weapons
3 Yards yielded = +1 Physical Defence
Max 3 yard per Skill Rank (up to Combat Move)
-2 Damage / Strain

Going inside a Shield
-X Initiative (X=Shields Armour bonus)
If Attackers init is higher, Defender loses Shield bonus
If Attackers Init is lower, Attack suffer –2 Attack Steps

Splitting Movement
-2 Physical Defence
-1 Attack Steps per 5 yards Move before attack

Situational Modifiers

Attacked by more than one opponent.
-1 Physical Defence per Attacker
-2 Steps to all tests

Blindside Attack
+2 Steps to Attack test (Melee)
+1 Steps to Attack test (Missile/Magic)
Includes Blinded, Rear, Surprise

-3 Steps to all tests – Natural Darkness
-5 Steps to all tests – Perfect Darkness

Knocked Down
-3 Physical and Spell Defence
-3 Steps to all tests

No Action in first combat round
-3 Physical and Spell Defence

Terrain Modifiers
+1 Attack Higher Ground
-1 Difficult Footing (Steep Slope/Uneven Ground)

Missile Modifiers
-2 Attack firing at someone in Partial Cover
-1 Attack when firing from Partial cover
-2 Attack when firing from Full cover
(Firing from full cover you are considered
to be in partial cover)

"But most importantly remember these are just guides, don't let them detract too much from the action or the situation. As a GM you should be making up rules and modifiers on the spot to keep the combat and encounters fun and exciting!"
Matt Wilson