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The written word is worthy of homage, due to it's carried and shared knowledge, pay your respects and keep the words of ink - Netzach Kol - Master of Memory Kaer Daralon Library

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Goods and Services
16 Aug 2004 - Matt Wilson

I am working with RedBrick to create art for the Good and Service chapter of the Earthdawn Players Compendium. I've made a few preliminary sketches and plan to get a few more ideas down over the next couple of weeks before I go on vacation. Wish me luck.

Dundjinni Art
22 Jul 2004 - Matt Wilson

I have been playing with Dundjinni a little while now and am quite enjoying it. Comes in very useful for quick battlemaps and planning out adventures and big dungeon bashes. Their is also a create community working on art and additions for your downloading pleasure. Here are a couple of examples of art I cretaed for use with Dundjinni.

30 June 2004 - Matt Wilson

Here is a little taster of a map I am working on for the current adventure, The Tower of Dianuus. Click the thumbnail below to get a closer look. I plan to submit the entire adventure once complete. The map was done entirely in Dundjinni please let me know your thoughts.

Play Test
23 June 2004 - Matt Wilson

As you may or may not know, I am a RedBrick Questor, this mean they give me stuff they want sorted through and comments on and in turn I give them grief, sounds fair doesn't it? Next time I run ED, I'll be running from the new Players Compendium. I will need your views and ideas about the rules and the wording of said rules etc...

17 June 2004 - Matt Wilson

Having just obtained a new toy, in the form of some spangly new mapping software, expect to see some updated maps here on the Earthdawn COF site. Dundjinni by Fluid Entertainment has recently been released, making it easy for most to make quality maps for their campaigns. Worth a look.

A little example: So much potential :)

New look, Old Terror
04 June 2004 - Matt Wilson

RedBrick have updated the look of their earthdawn-classic site. A slightly modified look and more things going on. Both James and Richard now have Blogs - be interesting to see what they do with them. Keep up the good work boys.

dise for the Earthdawn Merchan
02 June 2004 - Matt Wilson

RedBrick are pleased to make an announcement.

June 1, 2004 (AUCKLAND, NZ) - RedBrick Limited, publishers of the forthcoming Earthdawn® Classic™ game line for FASA Corporation's fantasy roleplaying game in the Age of Legend, are pleased to announce the opening of an online store, which will offer Earthdawn® fans a wide variety of licensed merchandise through partner CafePress.

Get over to the site now and purchase your Earthdawn goodies. Click Here What sticking graphics that page has. <grin>

17 May2004 - Matt Wilson

Blimey, doesn't time fly sometimes. It's been nearly a month since i last updated. Things get busy here and there hasn't been a great deal going on ED wise. But I'm of a mind to get things running again. So an extra effort will be made to update more often. Hope you're all well. *grin*

Gallery Additions
29 Apr 2004 - Matt Wilson

Sade has put up a new gallery entry, this time its for Beansidhe, good stuff look forward to seeing more from you Beansidhe. We need more fresh Earthdawn artwork, it helps us visualise the world in which we adventure. Go take a look at the galleries and get drawing, all of you!!

Quest(or) for knowledge
22 Apr 2004 - Matt Wilson

Today is a good day, I have been made one of the few honoured memers of the Questors, A group of enthuiasts that help RedBrick with there plans and goals. Our purpose is to submit feedback and suggestions on the various RedBrick Earthdawn products that are in the works to help make them high quality products. I'm honoured to be onboard.

Campaign Log
19 Apr 2004 - Matt Wilson

RedBrick have created a Campaign Log on their website. Its a useful resource for tracking your own campaign and finding out about other groups and how they are progressing. Head over there now and submit your campaign.

Best Wishes
19 Apr 2004 - Matt Wilson

I would like to extend my best wished to Gary Gygax. Gary suffered a minor stroke on 1 April and is now recovering well. Gary has been a inspiration and mentor for a great many of us and we have him to thank for the current quality of our hobby. I'm sure you will all join with me in wishing him a fast and full recovery. All the Best Gary!!!

Back in Business
16 Apr 2004 - Matt Wilson

Well I'm back in glorious Brittannia. Abu Dhabi was fabulous, we had a great holiday and I'd love to go back again soon. RPG was on hold while I was away as was Earthdawn news. But things shouls start getting back to normal again soon.

Away Away
26 Mar 2004 - Matt Wilson

I'm going on vacation for a few weeks so there will be no updates. I'm off to Abu Dhabi, wish me luck!! I'll update and the campaign will be back in full swing as soon as possible. But you gotta love a rest.. relax all, cause I will be.. Out!

Mapping the World
19 Mar 2004 - Matt Wilson

I've been working on a map of barsaive. I still have a lot of work to do on this but I thought I would share a little corner of the world with you. More detail will be added to this area but it give you an idea of the style of the work. Let me know what you think. Click Here to View


9 Mar 2004 - Matt Wilson

I've gone and made a few changes round here, added a few links to the navigation bar to keep on going things available. Nothing much I know but hey, it's a start. I'm gonna try and make changes and update a little more often while I'm home as I'm going on vacation in a few weeks time. Yey for me!!

Map your life
9 Mar 2004 - Matt Wilson

I have decided to post a couple of example maps that I have produced. These were done for Troll Lord Games for one of their D20 products. I'm hoping to do a little more professional mapping in the future and would like peoples opinions on the expamles I have posted.

Click here for the gallery.

Nordic Adventures
8 Mar 2004 - Matt Wilson

I have returned. I've been away visiting the beautiful Danish city of Copenhagen. It was very cold up there but very lovely. The people were friendly and spoke excellent english. My Danish was poor, actually, Poor doesn't even describe it - it was damn ignorant. I just about managed to learn to ask for the bill and even then I chickened out for fear of looking a prat. The architecture was amazing and inspiring. I would recommend a visit if you get the chance. :)


24 Feb 2004 - Matt Wilson

RedBrick have made a fine start on getting things rolling with their announcements and product roster. They are in talks with writers and artists about production of these yummy books. I, myself am working on a few things in conjunction with James Flowers and the RedBrick team. I'll keep you posted with news as it develops. *tease*

New site for sore eyes
19 Feb 2004 - Matt Wilson

The EDPT (Earthdawn Publishing Trust) has moved home. Yep a new and exciting website has been very well put together and is waiting your input. Visit now and keep Earthdawn alive. *ka-chinggg*

Daring Calen....
17 Feb2004 - Matt Wilson

I have posted a Throalic Calendar that may be useful for keeping track of your campaign. The idea is for characters or DM to write a brief note and track time on the fly. Great for giving a feeling of time passing, weather changes etc.

Earthdawn Calendar

Comments and feedback are welcome...

Read Roster
16 Feb 2004 - Matt Wilson

RedBrick have updated their Publication Roster. So head on over there and download the latest and greatest.

You can obtain a copy here.

Going underground
10 Feb 2004 - Matt Wilson

Well this weekend I found out what it must be like to venture deep into some of the underground caves that our characters so willingly enter with barely a thought for personal safety. I went caving in Swildons Hole Cavern, this is no tourist attraction, this is extreme sports. When you are crawling on your belly in a raging torrent of water, try to squeeze through a tight gap with millions of tons of rock above you, you begin to appreciate what some of the adventures you've been on must be like. I had the fear on a number of occasions. It's was exhilarating. Never again will I take an underground adventure lightly. **tremble**

We Want You
03 Feb 2004 - Matt Wilson

The EDPT (Earthdawn Publishing Trust) is deliberating it's future due to the lack of submissions and effort being put into the projects by the ED community.They are currently looking into obtaining a new Webmaster and requesting that more submissions are made by US. click here and join in Anything Earthdawn that you have created or written is what they are after.

Ellipsis Publishing
28 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

The links page has been added to, with the great resource page that is Ellipsis Publishing. I advise you go there for your fix of Earthdawn related downloads. I also had a good chat with James Flowers this morning (his evening) a really nice guy and I hope for all our sakes that RedBrick takes off in a big way. They seem to have the right ideas for it. Good Luck.

HoD Creature Competition
27 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

I've posted creature competition just for fun. To see what people come up with. Check here and give it a go. I'll post the wining entry along with runners up in about a week.

HoD News
27 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

Looks like we are going to have a few weeks off from the Hero's of Daralon campaign. A Guest Dm will step in and run something for a few weeks. Update: News has got to the Heroes that they should visit an Island called Guardian to find out about their friend Skar who died in a rough encounter with some Orc Raiders. Will they take up the call in an attempt to bring Skar back or will they fall to the Tower where we left them??

Classic stuff
23 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

RedBrick have just released a Style Guide to quote them..

"The Earthdawn Style Guide is intended as a support document for those writing submissions for RedBrick's Earthdawn Classic product line"

You can obtain a copy here.

HoD Updates
22 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

I've updtaed a few of the pages here on the site that were sorely lacking content. The House Rules page now has some stats/modifiers that we use in our game. The Troubador's Tales also has been updated with a little intro on the Hero's of Daralon Story.

Book of Tomorrow
22 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

The go ahead has been given by the people that KNOW to release the latest Book of Tomorrow (Volume 4). Look out for it coming to a friendly download site near you very soon. Or check here

The Tower of Dianuus 2
19 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

Having escaped the water filled room, the party is now left in yet another cliffhanger state. Theadin, Yes again, has stepped onto a floor plate which sunk as he did so. Yet nothing has happen, he is preparing to lift his foot and throw himself back out of the room. The others cower in anticipation *cackle*

The Tower of Dianuus
19 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

Back to the action. We last left the party as they were exploring the strange tower on the cliff top 400 feet above the entrance to Kaer Daralon. They had reach the centre of the ground floor where Theadin, the dwarven elementalist, triggered a floor plate which locked them in the chamber which then began to rapidly fill with water... *tremble*

Update to WERG
16 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

It's been a little slow around hear of late, but here's a snippet of news for you. Chronicler has updated the WERG php back end, so it should all run a little smoother. Ohhh feel the smooothity <made up word> Good work Chron. *thhwwp*

An Idea blossoms...
09 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

Well I had a little idea about a comic strip which was Earthdawn related. I thought it would be fun to read, but figuring that the only way I'd get to read it would be to write it, I came up with some characters and a basic idea. Let me know what you think and any small comic strip ideas you come up with.

Check it out here

Ever Encountered Shards?
06 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

RedBrick have just released thier Earthdawn Shards and Encounters Handbook. A guide to what they are looking for in two of thier up and coming projects. Good to see then things are starting to move, lets give these boys and girls a chance. <grin>

Tomorrow brings a book
06 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

The new edition of the fan created The Book of Tomorrow, which is now at issue 4, is gradually coming together. The EDPT have been hard at work coming up with content and Richard Vowles of RedBrick has put it all together. It's in a proofing stage and should be available very soon.

Submit to RedBrick
02 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

No I'm not saying you should bow down and do whatever they say, in an underling submissive manner, I'm trying to tell you that RedBrick has put up the Content Submission Guide as well as a Play Testers Guide downloadable in .pdf format. Check Them out if you are interested in getting involved.

New Year, New Effort
02 Jan 2004 - Matt Wilson

A Peaceful and Prosperous New Year to you all. I trust you had a relaxing break? Well things are still pretty quiet out there so not much to report. Although I did check out the final Peter Jackson effort, and was pleased.

Presents from Lars
23 Dec 2003 - Matt Wilson

The clever man who calls himself Lars Gottlieb, has done it again. He has release an updated version of the character generator The Second Step taking it to version This version has some great new features, incluiding the ability to add portraits to your characters and a good selection of portraits have been supplied by the talented SaDE.

Cheer for all at Christmas
23 Dec 2003 - Matt Wilson

Well it's Christmas once again, not really an RPG time of year, but we love it all the same. Just to make my players feel festive I left them last session in a sealed chambre with 8 gargoyles spewing water into the room which was slowly filling up. Muhahaha *Evil Laugh*

Still here..
16 Dec 2003 - Matt Wilson

Don't even ask about how my trip to Switzerland went, cause you'll only start me off. Anyway I'm not deserting the site, I'm just busy. I was in Switzerland last week and tomorrow I fly to Belgium. So next updates will be early next week. Where I might actually get a chance to post an adventure that I wrote up.

Ashes to Ash's.
08 Dec 2003 - Matt Wilson

Ash has been busy again. He's produced an excellent method of creating good colour PDF character sheets for your favourite ED characters. Check out his site for more information. Click Here Nice one Ash. Rumour has it the a certain Herr Gottlieb may integrate this method into a famous utility of his own (with Ash's permission of course)

Map of Daralon.
04 Dec 2003 - Matt Wilson

I have posted 2 new maps. Both depicting the Ruins of Daralon City in different stages of repair. The first is as the Heros found the ruin after exiting the Kaer. The Second is several months later after returning home from their adventures. Thanks to Christopher West for the original map which I edited to suit me campaign. *neat*

Sheets to the wind.

03 Dec 2003 - Matt Wilson

I have Updated the Characters section with character sheets as created by the excellent utility The Second Step by Lars Gottlieb. Take a look at how the players are crafting their personas.

My Canus, Your Canus, Arcanus..
02 Dec 2003 - Matt Wilson

I have been busy with real life and so not had a chance to post over the past week or so. It's good to see the hits on the RedBrick Interview are going up up. Having just obtained it myself, I have posted a zipped copy of Codex Arcanus on the site. It's a useful Netbook with new Spells and the like for Earthdawn published by the EDPT. Enjoy.

The Interview...
24 Nov 2003 - Matt Wilson

Exciting news. The RedBrick interview is up and ready for your reading pleasure. This helps to answer some burning questions and gives you a little better picture of who the players over at RedBrick are. *boggle*

Earthdawn was lost...
20 Nov 2003 - Matt Wilson

I had an email today from Jak Koke, telling me (ok and the rest of the mailing list) that Liferock (the eBook) is done and ready. He has also created a new website for other Earthdawn novels in The Lost Novels series. Check here. Great stuff I look forward to reading this * thumbs*