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An Earthdawn Comic strip detailing the adventures of a group of Adepts who aren’t exactly adept and anything much at all in fact. You would even go so far as to say that they are rather inept at even existing. But as fate is the twisted mother of all, something manages to keep them alive, to the regret of most who meet them. So let me continue to introduce them purely out of malicious intent as I don't want to be the only one to have to know these haphazard fools..<Obi: Wot E say?!!!> errr I mean Heroes. :gulp:

Introducing the Adepts

A simple, yet hard, Obsidiman. Who has a tendency to be a little heavy handed especially when dealing with small pet animals. His hearts in the right place, it’s just made of stone and doesn’t pump enough blood to the brain. Loves wildlife and small animals. Dislike being called stupid and things made of wood

Quote – in a broad Welsh Accent
“Can I pet him?”
“Like a rock I am”

A wizard, well barely. That’s pretty much an insult to all other spell casters out there. Scorch has yet to completely cast a spell as he intended. Always great at birthday parties cause he’s so damn full of surprises. Likes new and interesting substances and anything to put fires out with. Dislike other wizards as they scare him.

“I wonder what would happen if I mixed these to volatile substances together?”

A grumpy dwarf with personal hygiene problems. Smells of varying things from one day to the next and has a real problem with authority. Very unfit. Likes drinking and eating, mainly things no one else would consider food let alone consider putting near their mouths. Dislikes water, washing, soap and dark corridors.

Quote – in a broad Scottish Accent
“Shut up just SHUTUP SHUTUP?”
"Pass me me bloody Axe, It's gonna be Windling for supper"

An arrogant (no surprise there) t’Skrang who practices as a Nethermancer and excels at being a megalomaniac.
He’s green, selfish and likes to eat mushrooms and small frogs. Dislikes: Everything except world domination unless of course it’s someone else’s domination then he really hates it.

“If I could just adjust the angle slightly, I’d transfer the power to myself and become omnipotent“

A happy-go-lucky female windling, with orientation issues. Has a problem judging distances and spaces. Has often been known to think that she can do pretty much anything, but doesn’t quite have the dexterity to carry it out. Likes fallings, fairy cakes and knives. Dislikes heavy things and keeping her mouth shut.

Quote – with a slight speech impediment
“If I weally huwwy I can make it frough that gap before the door closes"

Scarab isn't actually a character in the party, in fact Scarab is me! Yes I'm the unfortunate one who has to detail the sad happening of these tragic heroes. I'm cursed to be the Narrator, What did I do to deserve this? Well I'm still trying to figure that one out. A poor beetle trapped in an Azure stone that is often slung around the neck of one of these buffoons, what they don't seem to realize is that, ME as an Amulet, I hold no magical power what-so-ever, a bit like Scorch really. But they seem to believe I bring them great luck and fortune bahhh.

“Why me? Why me? I could have been a piece of costume jewelry on display in the Great Library of Throal, but No, NO I'm stuck on a chain round the neck of a complete imbecile”