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The heroes of today are the legends of tomorrow. —King Varulus III of Throal


Official Earthdawn related Websites

Living Room Games - Official American Publishers
Earthdawn Classic - Official Australian Publishers

Earthdawn related Websites

The Earthdawn Publishing Trust - A community lead magazine
The Second Step - A great character creation utility
The Earthdawn Worldwide Community - what it say on the packet

Barsaive3ed - A web resource for D20 Earthdawn
Steve Kenson - A talented freelance writer. Original Kaer Daralon writer
Lost Earthdawn - Jak Koke Earthdawn Novels
Slim's Web Lair - A good Fan site. With some excellent original ED Art
WERG - Web Earthdawn Resource Guide. Great Community Site
SaDE - Earthdawn fan artist and Talented Lady

Ellipsis Publishing - Brilliant Earthdawn Resource since 1994

Damien Coltice - Earthdawn artist and game fan

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