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The heroes of today are the legends of tomorrow. —King Varulus III of Throal

The World of Barsaive.
By the reckoning of Throal, Barsaive is NOW a blank canvas, an unpened book, A vast and wonderful place that is open to re-discovery. Great tomes of knowledge linger in dusty hidden library's, thousands of year of knowledge bound in leather and fading on fragile pages, all worth little more than children's stories now for the world is a changed place, the circle of magic has wrought it's will on Barsaives' lands, physically and astrally.

But like a resilient rose, knowledge finds a way to return, easing it's self from the cracks of society to blossom under the watchful eye of its keeper. Little is known about the lands of Barsaive as they stand now but from history, rumours and investigations the map I present you is a beginning, a foundation for all that has yet to be discovered.



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